Is Opteck fraud?

Is Opteck fraud?

Nowadays, online trading attracts numerous traders from different corners of the world by the opportunities it provides. As a result of such great interest, the large number of companies offering services for online trading were created. Opteck is one of such companies, founded in 2011 and always stand out for qualitative service, professional trading software and individual approach to each customer.

But this is not a secret that many traders, both still thinking about using the Opteck and already the members of the system, sometimes ask, is Opteck fraud? People’s concern for their own money is understandable, especially now with a high level of fraud in World Wide Web. Here are compiled different facts to reveal the truth about the Opteck and find an answer to this important question.

Is Opteck fraud – facts

Being regulated by CSEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) since 2014 the Opteck obtained big pros in the eyes of traders still hesitating about using it. Company’s efforts and commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for online trading by implementing the newest protective technologies are also spoken well of it, as well as a large number of satisfied customers from over that 80 countries worldwide.

Main advantages of using Opteck online trading are:

  • safe and secure withdrawal transactions. The very first withdrawal is free for all types of accounts;
  • various account types with different benefits and sign-up bonuses, depending on the first deposit;
  • the latest release of reliable and stable trading software with numerous built-in online trading tools;
  • free education and training, as well as knowledge base access.

Taking into consideration all written above is possible to answer the question, is Opteck fraud? Clearly, no. This company is trustworthy and worth to use.